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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Reunions
Upcoming Reunion

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  • Reunion Contacts
  • '78 Betancourt, Alain
  • '79 Tiffany, Scott
  • '80 Gin, Mike
  • '80 Musch Russell, Cindy
  • '81 Bledsoe Lawrence, Cindy
  • '81 Poublon, Terrence
  • '82 Fastow Johnson, Colleen
  • '82 Grawoig Gibbs, Beth
  • '83 Kuba LeFlore, Angie
  • '83 Kubeck, Eddie
  • '84 Lee, Kwan
  • '85 Cole-Velasquez, Colleen
  • '86 Balboa, Dorys

  • Leuzinger High School's Classes of...
    1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 & 1985

    'Celebration 30'
    Crowne Plaza Hotel
    300 N Harbor Drive
    Redondo Beach, CA  90277
    310 318-8888
    Saturday August 06, 2011
    Reception - 7:00 pm, Dinner - 8:00 pm

    If you are interested in attending the reunion, please be sure to update Great Reunions with your latest address as well as those of your high school friends and classmates. Thank you and be sure to tell everyone about Our 30th Reunion!

    Your Reunion Committee
    Terrence Poublon '81 - Chairperson
    Cindy Bledsoe Lawrence '81 - Chairperson
    Mike Gin - 1980
    Cindy Musch Russell -1980
    Beth Grawoig Gibbs - 1982
    Colleen Fastow Johnson - 1982
    Angela Kuba LeFlore - 1983
    Kwan Lee - 1984
    Colleen Cole Velasquez - 1985

    Great Reunions Link

    'May the wind be at our backs, vigor in our hearts, and luck on our side. And so our journey begins...'


    Our 30th Reunion - August 06, 2011

    Reunion Information

    The high school years are remarkable --- for each of us, for different reasons. The span of those four years is replete with intense, soul-forming experiences and feelings. Even the most accomplished of us adults would be remiss for not admitting that high school molded us, left its imprint and its scars, and launched us headlong into our futures in a way that has taken years to understand and interpret.

    By virtue of our common experiences through the formative time of our youth as well as some universal shared experiences in growing older, we have, perhaps, more in common now than we ever had. As the years have passed, it seems to me that we have walked in one another's footsteps more often than not. Well beyond this, all of us know pain, sorrow, loss, joy, wonder and discovery in ways we never realized we would or could. This is the common ground that re-connects us.

    At Our 30th Reunion over dinner & drinks, music & dancing, and conversations & laughter, you'll come to learn the wisdom that comes with growing older. It will whiplash you back to the past... and jettison you forward into new ways of seeing yourself and your classmates of many years ago.

    Be prepared for the smiles and laughter!!!

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