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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Video Games: From primitive blips to warning labels...
Video games are in a vast majority of homes with children-- 82 percent of all households with 8-to-18-year-olds. Though video games have been around for decades, they didn't always require warnings about their content. Take the quiz to find out what you know about the history of the video game.

1. The very first video game was:
A - 'Computer Space'
B - 'Pong'
C - 'Tennis for Two'
D - 'Spacewar!'

2. The first joystick was built for:
A - 'Pac Man'
B - 'Spacewar!'
C - 'Pong'
D - 'Odyssey 2'

3. What was the first commercial video game designed to be played at home on a television monitor?
A - 'Odyssey'
B - 'Pong'
C - 'Space Invaders'
D - 'Voltron'

4. The name of the company that developed Pong is:
A - Atari
B - Nintendo
C - Taito
D - Telstar

5. What is the most popular arcade game of all time?
A - 'Donkey Kong'
B - 'Pac Man'
C - 'Tetris'
D - 'Dance, Dance Revolution'

6. What game led to a Senate investigation over violence in video games and a campaign to ban violent video games?
A - 'Mortal Kombat'
B - 'Afterburner II'
C - 'Streetfighter II'
D - 'Super Mario'

7. When did manufacturers start putting ratings on video games?
A - 1992
B - 1993
C - 1994
D - 1995

8. What event caused video game manufacturers to make changes to their products?
A - The Columbine school shooting
B - September 11 attacks
C - War in Iraq
D - None of the above

9. What is the most popular gaming system ever sold?
A - PlayStation 2
B - Nintendo 64
C - Xbox
D - Game Boy

10. What is the top-selling genre in console games?
A - Action
B - Sports
C - Racing
D - Edutainment

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