Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - 1981 ~ Classic Moments
Close your eyes and think back... try to remember which Class of 1981 members stood above the rest!

1. Which member of the class of 1981 had the cutest dimples?
A - Suzy Gonzalez
B - Tania Yamamoto
C - Valerie Wagner
D - Frank Harrington
E - Counselor Chadwick
F - I don't know

2. What year did Leuzinger's Basketball Team become Pioneer League Champions?
A - 1981
B - 1979
C - 1978
D - 1980

3. What were the names of the two Assistant Principals during our 4 years at Leuzinger High School?
A - Carroll Adams and Lillian Shambeck
B - Daryl Hamilton and James Crase
C - John Means and Caroll Adams
D - Jeff Reynolds and John Finnigan

4. What year did the Varsity and Junior Varsity wrestlers reign as 'Champs of the Mat! '?
A - 1979
B - 1980
C - 1981
D - 1978

5. In 1978, who was voted outstanding athlete from our Freshman Class?
A - Don August
B - Jim Owen
C - David Patterson
D - Steve Park

6. During Spirit Week in our Senior Year, who won the VW Push?
A - Seniors
B - Juniors
C - Sophomores
D - Freshman

7. What two students from our Senior Class were awarded 'Olympian Boy and Girl '?
A - Dean Hale and Mary Gonzales
B - Paul McTague and Angela Patterson
C - Frank Harrington and Teresa Clack
D - Rick Hunt and Esther Fernandez

8. Who played the trumpet during our Graduation Ceremony?
A - Robert Rocca
B - CR Dinneny
C - Tony Diaz
D - Mitchell Houston

9. In 1981/82'ish Leuzinger held its first computer programming class. What computer did we all use?
A - Apple II
B - TRS-80
D - TI

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