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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - High School and 'Happy Days'
'Happy Days' originally started out as a spin off from the show 'Love American Style' which was entitled 'Love and Happy Days.' It had Marion Ross, Ron Howard and Anson Williams in it, but a different dad, and Joanie was played by someone else. After the immense popularity of the movie American Graffiti it was decided to create a show dealing with the 1950's. The first telecast was on January 15, 1974. The show was supposed to center around a high school Junior named Richie Cunningham and his two friends Ralph Malph and Potsie Weber. No one expected the secondary charactar of a hood named Arthur (Fonz) Fonzerelli to become so popular. Test your knowledge of Happy Days! Let's see if you know your stuff ...

1. What was the title of the very first episode?
A - 'Fonzie Drops In'
B - 'All the Way'
C - 'Breaking Up is Hard to Do'

2. How did Potsie get his nick-name?
A - He loves to buy antique pots
B - He once had his head stuck in a pot
C - His mom called him it one day after he had been making things out of clay

3. What did Gary Marshall originally want to call Fonzie?
A - Arthur Marsharelli
B - Steven Jones
C - He wanted him to be called Arthur Fonzerelli right from the start

4. What is the name of the high school in which Richie, Potsie, and Ralph attended?
A - Jefferson High School
B - Milwaukee High Schoo
C - Rydell High School

5. Trying to impress college girls on Spring Break In Episode #51, where do Richie, Ralph, and Potsie claim to be from?
A - Brazil
B - Tunisia
C - Germany

6. In which episode does Richie dance with Fonzie?
A - #75- 'Fonzie's Old Lady'
B - #25- 'Big Money'
C - # 6- 'The Deadly Dares'

7. Who does Fonzie play in #26, 'A Star is Bored' ?
A - James Dean
B - Hamlet
C - A Cowboy

8. What is the name of Fonzie's dog?
A - Spot
B - Little Fonzie
C - Spunky

9. In what episode does Richie meet Lori Beth?
A - #92- 'Hard Cover'
B - #108- 'Be My Valentine'
C - #112- 'Do You Want to Dance'

10. In episode #33, 'The Howdie Doody Show', how much money does Life Magazine offer Richie for his picture of Clarabelle the Clown without make-up?
A - $500
B - $800
C - $200

11. In episode #12, 'In the Name of Love', what song does Cindy Shellenberger hear when she falls in love?
A - 'Unchained Melody' by Al Hibler
B - 'My Prayer' by the Platters
C - 'Earth Angel' by the Penguins

12. In Episode #34, 'Get a Job', Richie and the gang do repair work for a young divorcee. What dinner does Richie miss out on in order to eat dinner with the divorcee?
A - Meatloaf
B - Pizza
C - Chicken and Dumplings

13. What is the number of the episode where Richie meets Mork from Ork?
A - #110
B - #62
C - #215

14. Which Cunningham child mysteriously disappeared?
A - Jack
B - Bob
C - Chuck

15. What is Arnold's real name?
A - Wang Lee
B - Matsuo Takahashi
C - Arnold is his real name

16. Did the sign on top of Arnold's always read, 'Arnold's' ? If not, what did it read?
A - No- Great Grub
B - Yes
C - No- Arthur's

17. When Richie first meets Lori Beth, what fraternity does he claim to belong to?
A - Alpha Beta Gamma
B - Mama Papa Sister
C - Alpha Delta Omega

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