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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

06-21-2006 - 25th Reunion - Leuzinger's Classes of 1980 and 1981
  • Attached File (25th Reunion Flyer.jpg)
  • Classes of '80 & '81 - Our 25th Reunion
    Great Reunions has been selected as our planning service!
    The LAX Airport Hilton Hotel - Saturday July 22, 2006
    Reception - 7:00 pm, Dinner - 8:00 pm

    Hilton Los Angeles Airport
    5711 West Century Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

    Reservations Include            
    • Three Course Sit Down Dinner                
    • Music and Dancing                
    • Bio Book (Classmate only)                
    • No Host Bar                
    • Name Badges                
    • Alumni Search                
    • Decorations                
    • Suggested Attire: Cocktail            
    Bio Books
    At the reunion a free bio memory book will be given to each pre-paid classmate. If you have not received your bio sheet, please contact Great Reunions. The deadline for submitting the bio sheet is 4 weeks before the reunion.

    Name Badges
    We prepare name badges for every classmate, each with a photo from your high school year book.

    Go to The Great Reunions website and register!!!


    Continuing The 25th Reunion at 26th... 

    26th Street in Manhattan Beach- Sunday July 23rd
    A Day At The Beach for Our Families
    From 11am-ish until sunset

    You may or may not have attended prior high school reunion gatherings.  Either way, there is a nervousness that remains because you still remember those old high school insecurities. Will I know anyone?  Will I be welcomed? Will I have anyone to talk to? Am I too fat or bald? Will my high school sweetheart be there?  Has he or she changed as much as I have?  Will he or she even remember me?   

    And, your big question is, 'Should I go to the reunion?'  Revisiting your high school years with old friends can be a wonderful experience... and you will find that it evens out some of the unfair memories we all have.  We have aged the same number of years, had our appearances change, been married or divorced, and had a mid-life crisis or two.

    In the process, we've all become a little more equal.  The cliques of our past no longer exist. Everyone laughs and remembers, hugs and cries, and promises to stay in touch.  There will be a few tears too as you realize your best friend from 9th grade is still your friend, and you are ashamed of letting so much time pass without communicating. 

    Right after the reunion, you may find yourself sitting up into the early morning hours because you can't bear to let go and say goodbye.  You will renew the affection for your old friends, and make some new ones in the process too.  You will leave with a warm heart, a pocket full of new email addresses and phone numbers, and a promise to do it again 'real soon'.  

    It will be an evening that you will never forget, and you'll gain more in return than any price you paid to be there. What will you be walking away with?  The acceptance of the child within you.  The one who never felt quite popular enough, good looking enough, athletic enough, or smart enough.  This is your chance to see how life has evened out the differences, and how we have all made some pretty cool contributions to the world. That's a nice thing to know.  Our 25th reunion is where many of your questions will be answered.

    Please, don't let this opportunity pass you by!

    The 25th Reunion Committee: Mike Gin, Cindy Bledsoe Lawrence, Terrence Poublon, Dean Hale, Angie Patterson Landoch, Bob Hernandez, and Pam Doe Kings...

    With Assistance from Cindy Musch Russell, Susan DeSpain Hendrickson, Lani Mahikoa Emmich, Melanie Hull Flynn, Dianne Rios Ballesteros, and Jennifer DeSpain Klumker.

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