Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

05-14-2020 - Goodbye Leuzinger High School's Class of 2020
Goodbye Leuzinger High School's Class of 2020
Each year’s class has its own personality. Some are very academic. Some are fun. Some are a bit of both. It breaks our hearts that we won't have a chance to give them a proper goodbye. There will be no traditional ceremony with the smiles and tears and hugs between the graduates and their family and friends, and of course, their teachers. There will never be another class hopefully that doesn't go through graduation the way it's supposed to.
This year's graduates should hang onto a lyric from a 1985 Tears for Fears' song Everybody Wants to Rule the World, “Nothing ever lasts forever.” If you've come through this school year as a graduate, you can survive anything. You can make the most of anything that comes your way. All the rites of passage that you may not have had the advantage of this time will mean so much more to you when they happen for you sometime down the road, whether it's in college, whether it's a wedding, whether it's any major event. They're going to mean that much more because you know what it's like to go without.
Congratulations Class of 2020. Go Out and Rule The World!

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