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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

06-04-2018 - Fear Strikes Leuzinger (1980) Laura Lesinski '81, South Torrance High School
  • Attached File (Composite Sketch a.jpg)
    Fear Strikes Leuzinger (1980)
    Laura Lesinski '81, South Torrance High School

    Unsolved Mystery

    'Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself. I am Detective Walt Delsigne with the Torrance Police Department. The postings on this web site regarding the Laura Lesinski murder case was brought to my attention this afternoon. In reading these postings, I was quite amazed. Amazed of how rumors can sometimes start and then take on a life of their own. I don't fault anyone for this because, after all, it is human nature. I know that the tragic murder of such a young girl must have affected many of you, including those who really didn't even know Laura and I'm sure everyone would like to see this case solved, with the exception of course of the person who is actually responsible for Laura's death. As much as I would love to announce that we have finally solved this case, I cannot. The fact is we have made no arrest in this case. The information that is being spread on this web site is not true and it would be unfair at this point to single out any one individual and naming that individual as the person responsible for such a horrific crime. This case is still considered 'open' and we have been, and will be, conducting further investigation into Laura's death. I invite anyone who feels they have viable information that might help us solve this case to contact me directly. My desk telephone number is (310) 618-5584.'

    It has been many years since Detective Walt Designe's posting.

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