Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

09-05-2017 - Living Tribute: Coach Pat Scuderi, Class of 1967 Olympian

Coach Pat Scuderi

The Coach's birthname is Pasquale "Pat" Ray Scuderi. His parents were Pasquale Romeo Scuderi Sr and Angelina Theresa Moreno. His parents passed away in 1995 and 2011 respectively.

Pat graduated from Leuzinger High School in 1967. He was Captain of Leuzinger's Baseball Team, Captain of Leuzinger's Football Team, and Senior Class President. Pat was a ballplayer all of his life.

Pat was drafted by by The San Francisco Giants farm. In fact, he was drafted alongside former Cincinatti Reds George Foster '67. However, Pat's destiny would be different. He opted to go to college as many of us did when we graduated from high school. He wanted to become a teacher where he excelled at inspiring the minds of the younger generations. He gave them discipline, skills and philosophies that would last them a lifetime.

Pat Scuderi and George Foster were friends then. And, they are still friends. They play tennis and golf these days. They have never lost respect for one another. When George got married, guess who was George's Best Man? It was none other than Pat Scuderi. In the Wedding Party were the likes of Johnny Bench, Ron "The Penguin" Cey, and All The Greats of 1977.

Coach Ike, Coach Scuderi and many other coaches lead Leuzinger's athletic teams to great victories. Never undervalue a coach or teachers worth. They are well-remembered and loved by all their students. That's a fact!


"Thank you for the acknowledgment of my husband, Pat Scuderi, and Ike. There are just a few incorrect facts about Pat. He was not Senior Class President, nor was he drafted by the SF Giants, not best man in George Foster's wedding and unfortunately they are not in touch.

I did show Pat this post and he enjoyed Ike's. Ike was a tremendous influence on Pat.

Thank you again from both of us." (Susie & Pat).

*** I could not find Pat Scuderi's Senior Photo listed in The 1967 Pylon yearbook when I shared Kathy Scuderi's information in my post. I went with that information and wrote what I wrote based upon it. I am a bit confused, but one thing is for sure... Pat has been and continues to be a tremendous influence on all his players and students. Terry Poublon.

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