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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

07-14-2017 - Bobbi Arestegui,


Because I Knew You, I Have Been Changed FOR GOOD
Bobbi Arestegui '80

"Wow....I am a balling mess. You think when someone leaves this earth you can't see or hear them, tonight I know this is SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH! As I struggled to go today to pay tribute to a childhood friend. I wandered to find her name at the memorial so I asked help from a 9/11 employee working at the booth. Could you help me to find a name? . The lady tried to explain to me how to find her and said wait a minute, let me show you what an example looks like. She proceeds to pull a piece of paper out of the drawer . Out of the thousands of names that could've been pulled out of that drawer... and the lady pulls a coworker of Bobbi's named Betty that perished on the flight with her. I felt it was a sign that she was closer than I ever imagined. Now this....... look at this story posted today on FB, see if this isn't mind blowing. A classmate reposted this after seeing Bobbi's name mentioned. Maybe by sharing the pain and the story of how Bobbi was tragically taken from us, others too will learn of Bobbi." ~ Colleen Cole Velasquez

Love my new friend... Ashley Bravick... she's from Chicago and I live in NM, originally from So Cal. Sixteen years after we lost Bobbi, she is still bringing folks together. Now a whole new Group and Generation will know about Bobbi and the gift she was and still is to this World!

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