Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

07-19-2016 - From Terry Poublon '81, Retired Reunion Chairperson...


From Terry Poublon '81


Retired Reunion Chairperson


In high school, I had many acquaintances but very few friends. I was quiet, shy and introverted. For the last 14 years, I've attended Leuzinger's Memorabilia Day Events from 2002 to 2011. I've spearheaded 3 milestone reunions and attended and supported many class mini-gatherings. My stomach curdled while being in charge; the pressure and stress of wanting to do it right and making sure everybody was happy is sometimes very over-powering. The day after is always a relief because I've done my very best and everyone who attends is happy. Did I worry for nothing? No because it drove me to do better!

Life is short. And boring and dry. And if we don’t occasionally force ourselves to face the most uncomfortable of situations, we shrivel up and die in front of the television, a half-eaten bag of stale Fritos in one hand, the remote control in the other. Where would I be if I hadn't done what I'd done for the last 14 years? My marriage to Kate is now better and on solid ground. I became more open and transparent as a person; she really learned who the man her husband is. My relationship with my daughter Renee became a 100 times better as I utilized what I went through as a teenager to know what she was going through as a teenager. It helped her become more confident and knowledgeable about life and people in a fraction of the time that it took me.

There are no regrets about the last 14 years. I made lifelong friends. They may not know it, but I love them all.

My time has served as a farewell to any and all long standing bitterness about the high school years. I've cleansed myself. I've made peace with my past. Made friends with my enemies. I've danced with all those beautiful, untouchable girls. Chatted with the popular and unpopular to learn that we are now all on equal footing. We are there to support one another.

It is always tempting to walk away from things that might be uncomfortable. A safe life is easier, but it’s small and limited. There are parts of my teenage years that I can find in the broken language of others who got hurt in those hallways. I hope that someday they will find peace. The turns of our steps are untangling. It frees us from some dragged around memories and the rusty old remnants of fear. We are only prisoners if we allow life's chains to remain unbroken.

Not everyone will see things through my eyes, but I do share my thoughts with you with peace and love. Thank You again for 14 years. I'll always be around. Terry Poublon '81, Retired Reunion Chairperson.


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Incoming Chairperson Barbi C Jung '78, Outgoing Chairperson Terrence A Poublon '81

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