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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

09-15-2015 - Coach Ike and La Vera Isaacson, The Accident That Took Their Lives


Coach Ike and La Vera Isaacson
The Accident That Took Their Lives


"I was on the campus security and football staff ('78-'88) during those 10 years and after. Bob ('Coach Ike') and La Vera Isaacson became close friends of mine. When they retired, we threw a grand retirement party for them. Then, they went to live in Bakersfield. They had a new house built to enjoy the rest of their years.

One night near home in their van, they were suddenly rear ended by a car at 110 mph with no lights. The impact was so hard that they were propelled airborne into a canal and killed instantly. Passersbys stopped to try and help, and called for the paramedics and cops... but it was too late.

The perpetrator: a 17 year old drunk individual. Last time I heard, he was in prison for 2 counts of manslaughter.

I was notified by Mr. Bob Martin of this news. A lot of us attended the funeral and burial in tears, shock, and anger. If there's anyone who sure didn't deserve this, it was The Isaacsons. They didn't even have time to enjoy their retirement and new home!

I remember the last time I talked to Coach Ike a short time before this tragedy happened. A great void has been left in our memories and mine. Wish I could talk to him today about football and model airplanes." ~ Coach Mike Reed

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