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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

01-09-2015 - Del Amo Mall... LeMan's Speedway

Del Amo Mall, Torrance CA

LeMan's Speedway

Do You Remember? The bumper car vehicles at Le Mans Speedway, Del Amo Mall. It was located at the bottom of the Ohrbach's escalators right across from McDonalds and Karmelcorn. Bumping cars into each other was part of the Le Mans allure, though the cars really were meant more for racing, with cutouts of a French town meant to simulate an actual European road race. The cars moved as much as 20 mph faster than conventional bumper cars, their speed controlled by a computerized control system.

The Le Mans Speedway was still operating at Del Amo in 1978, but soon after that Bally acquired the business and transformed it into an Aladdin’s Castle site. As video games exploded in the 1980s, Aladdin’s Castle became a magnet for children and teenagers wanting to play the latest games, or just hang out while their parents were shopping. Eventually it became a thriving teen social hot spot.

Perry's Pizza, Del Amo Mall in the late 70s and early 80s. One of my favorite places to eat with my mom. Perry's Special was two square slices of pizza, a small italian salad and a drink for the price of $2.95. That corner of the mall contained Montgomery Wards where my mom liked to shop. I loved the United Artist Cinema 6. I've seen plenty of movies there over the years. And, who could forget the smell of fresh popped and caramel covered "Karmelcorn". So many of my favorite things at the Del Amo Mall...

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