Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

12-07-2007 - Remembering Our Veterans on This Day of Infamy
Our Veterans: The Real Heroes
There is no group of people I hold in higher regard than veterans. Because of veterans, we live in the strongest, freest, greatest country in the world. Our country has been blessed to have men and women willing to answer the call to duty and accomplish great things for the benefit of their fellow man.
Sooner or later all of us will pass on from this life, but those who willingly give their lives for others certainly are true heroes. Jesus once taught the world that, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." That is one way to know that these men and women are real-life heroes.
It is our responsibility to ensure that our children and grandchildren appreciate the sacrifices made by those serving our country and never forget them.
Even though many Americans will not serve, knowledge of those who do and have served is essential. The traits we learn from veterans - courage, honor, duty, sacrifice, patriotism, heroism - are characteristics that make us better citizens. Their everyday acts inspire us to reach beyond our limits. Their losses remind us to live a life worthy of their sacrifice. And through their service on our behalf, we remember the obligations we owe. These are important lessons only a veteran can teach us.
There is concern today about a lack of heroes. If people have no heroes, it is because we are looking for heroes in the wrong places. We look at those who hit home runs, make touchdowns or shoot three-pointers. Those people are athletes, not heroes. Today's heroes are charging through the desert, fighting for the causes of freedom and peace. Today's heroes believe in freedom, and this belief is tested every day, as our men and women in uniform face the perils of war.
It is appropriate that we ask God to watch over our heroes and bring them home safely. God bless our service men and women, our veterans and the country they so dearly love.

December 7th, 1941
"Pearl Harbor"

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