Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Latest News

07-26-2004 - George Saunders Now 82 - Retired Leuzinger Teacher
George Wm. Saunders
Olympia, WA 98502


July 26, 2004

I spent WWII on a destroyer escort. We had over 200 sailors on the DE201. I am in contact with people who have attended yearly reunions of the James E Craig (DE 201). It is amazing the newsletter has pictures and they are all old! I knew them when they were kids. The lady who did the newsletter lost her husband two years ago. This is a big thing in her life. The last e-mail she sent mentioned about 10 who died the past year. She feels this will probably be the last reunion because so few are alive.

I got married on that first leave in December 1945. I was discharged in March 1946. Charlotte and I got married 18 November 1945. We still put up with each other.

I completed college (1947) to get my teaching degree. I taught Alice Deal Jr High School Washington, D.C. I got my masters degree in secondary administration from George Washington University. During this time Charlotte and I had four children (3 boys, and 1 girl). Our little girl died after 3 months. The boys are all healthy, no grand children.

In 1954 I moved the family to California. I got a job teaching physics and mathematics at the high school I graduated from (Leuzinger 1940). I really loved that job. Teaching was really great. I realized I did not want to be an administrator.

I retired February 1, 1980. Formed my own company. This was with the sole purpose of earning enough quarters to have Social Security and Medicare. In 1986 Charlotte and I moved to Olympia, WA. My three boys were here, and it seemed like the thing to do. The oldest, George, Jr., works for WA State Department of Transportation as a Computer Consultant. The middle, Brian, works in Tacoma for the Tacoma Tribune (he has always worked for newspapers (Olympia, Ventura, Mesa, Hawaii, Tacoma). The youngest, David, head gardener for the L & I building.

I also got a really great job. I worked at my own hours as Computer Consultant for the Department of Corrections. I met my boss at a MacUsers meeting. I was giving a demonstration on the use of MacInTax (Income Tax Program). He said he needed someone to teach his engineers computer technology. This has been a really great job. I work from 8 to 10 AM daily. I work with these bright engineers, helping them complete databases, spreadsheets, org charts, reports, etc. I get paid for hours I work at home to learn new programs or study the various upgrades. I had my first class in computers in 1957 USC National Science 6 unit summer program . I have owned computers since 1980.

December 1998 I got a new Power Macintosh 9600/350, with all the bells and whistles. It is an old machine now. I have owned 4 MACs and one Apple IIc.

At present I am a enjoying retirement. I retired from teaching, now retired after 10 years with the WA Department of Corrections. Three times each week I go to Bally Fitness club to swim and workout on the nautilus equipment to keep my weight down. I really enjoy duplicate bridge. I weigh the same as in high school 160 lbs.

George Saunders

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