Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Guestbook

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Chuck Thompson - 04-07-2006
I was looking ar your quiz. Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, not 1981.

*** Thank you Chuck.  I am happy that someone is catching my mistakes.  It has been corrected.  Terry.
Liz Ramirez - 04-04-2006
Although I was class of 1983 I had a lot of friends in class of 1981 it was great seeing pictures of them now.
jeanne miller - 03-15-2006
Zanetta Emery - 03-02-2006
EKESON GUYMAN - 02-13-2006
Harry Nieves LHS 1963 - 02-09-2006
Great website especially the music. It's been a long time since I have heard the theme from St. Elmo's Fire. Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, et.al. looked so young in the movie, but didn't we all in 1985.

Valerie  Thompson - 02-07-2006
I did not attend Leuzinger myself.  I went to Lawndale class of '83'.  Allthough  my father did attend Leuzinger from I believe  class of '53'. He passed  6 years ago.   His name is Harold 'Harry' Thompson.  If anyone remembers him, please contact me.  I would really love to hear what he was like in high school.  

Thank you,
Valerie Thompson - Classmates.com
Charlotte Farr (kennedy) - 02-01-2006
Love this site! Great job.

Terrence Poublon - 01-29-2006
Memorabilia Day on The Leuzinger High Campus will take place on Friday March 3rd, 2006.  For more information and a copy of the official flyer and RSVP form, please go to The Class of 1981 website. Copy and paste the following url address...


See you there!!!
Al Goodman(Rogers Middle School) - 11-24-2005
To all of you who I have had the joy of instructing and to all the rest who have taken time to connect with your former classmates, I hope that life has treated you kindly.  I am still teaching at Rogers, the last surviving instructor of your class(es) at Will Rogers Middle School.  

As I read the list of students on the guestbook register and glanced at the photos in the yearbooks posted by Terry, so many wonderful memories have flooded back to me.  I have been blessed at the opportunity of teaching and getting to know so many fine young men and women who have passed through Roosevelt and Rogers and the great successes they have become.  As I pass through my 37th year at Lawndale, I promised myself that I will attempt to contact as many of my former students as I can to see how they have fared in life.  

Teaching has been a wonderful life for me and I hope that you were lucky enough to find a career in which you could exercise your passion as I have.  Next year I will have more time to reach out; I will be correcting fewer exams and projects, for I have chosen to teach only two classes at Will Rogers as a transition into retirement.  

If you have time, please let me know how things are going.   Mr. Goodman.
Joe Prado - 11-20-2005
It's truly a blessing connecting with your past.  Wow!  It brings back a lot of memories!  Great job!  God's blessing to everyone!

Joe Prado
Yakima, WA.
Roxanne Benecke - 11-11-2005
Wow.  I'm sad and happy at the same time finding this site!  Thanks for putting it up.
Caren Levene - 11-06-2005
Just browsing one day and came across this web site, cracks me up all the people I recognize. I would have been in class of 84 but I moved to San Diego after my sophomore year. My older sisters were Tammy and DeeDee Levene.
Daniel Robinson - 10-31-2005
Awesome site mates.
Tim Mosich - 08-26-2005
I am trying to locate Larry Pama, LHS Class of 1979.  I worked with Larry at Rockwell NAAO - EL Segundo from 1985 to 1988 and have lost contact with him through the years.  

If you could please pass on my email address to him or provide me with his it would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know if you are able to do either.

Thank you!

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