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Joyce Blakemore '53 - 10-18-2006
This is in regards to 'BILL DULIN...1956 ALUMNI' who very recently passed away.  I received from an alumni friend, who received the original email from J.D. Hass:

It is the hardest thing in the world to write this message of bad news letter to Bill's friends.

It pains me to tell you 'Bill Dulin' suffered a massive Brain hemmorage this morning and passed away at 2:25 this afternoon.  God how I will miss him, we had been together for over 2 yrs and no greater man had I ever known.  I am sure you will miss him too.  Lois.
Pam Hanig - 10-15-2006
This is a great site that I came upon acidentally.  I taught science at Leuzinger from '73-'79 and was amused to find my picture and those of old friends that taught with me.  I enjoyed teaching there before I moved to San Diego,  where I still reside.  My best wishes to all my former students.
Joyce Blakemore '53 - 10-13-2006
Sorry to report the death of our friend and classmate Bernard Liston - Leuzinger's Class of 1954.  

He recently retired and moved down on the Colorado River, and two weeks later passed away.  While at Leuzinger, most all of us kids knew him as Bernie.

I was very fortunate to have been able to see and visit with him at his 50th year Reunion in Laughlin in 2003.  Of course graduating in 1953, I knew a lot of the kids from other years.....'49 through '56.  How unfortunate that we lost another alumni.  Joyce.

Bob Gariepy - 09-15-2006
I heard you guy's had a great time. I know Mile Semanc & Billy Sunisak did ! ;>)
For your 30th invite the class of 82'
Anthony Tony Amato - 09-07-2006
I am sorry I missed the fun,I will not miss the next function.Please keep me informed.
Dean A Sima - 08-30-2006
I understand Harold Simar was Principal of Leuzinger High School, at some point quite some time ago. Harold was my fathers Uncle, so I guess that would have made him my great Uncle.

Would like to know more about Uncle Harold.
Cynthia (Beals) McInerny - 07-27-2006
Lyle Strong - 07-03-2006
I'm from the class of 1974. Haven't found a website dedicated to it so here I am slumming this one!

Tom Kleebauer - 06-28-2006

Even knowing I'm a graduate of 1982,  I still hold a lot of very special moments in my heart about this time. Coming from Heidelberg Germany only for this one year and being part of the band and all the rest was one of the moments I hold till the end.

So my offer... to give some of that back:
If somebody makes it over here to Heidelberg Germany, let me know in advance and I will give you a tour on the town for free. If anybody can help me get in touch with Tamela Vaughn (Class of 84), please do so... this is important to me !!!!

Tom Kleebauer
Vickie Canulli Bianco - 06-11-2006
Hi all, I'm from Class of '66, and to add to the posting that Terry was so kind to post...any and all are welcome to come on over to Alondra Park on July 9th between 11 and 5...we'd love to see all alumni from LHS.  It's always nice to go back to the old stomping grounds.
btw,  it's a fend for yourself function, as far as food/drinks are concerned.
Cindy Milks Bergstrom - 06-07-2006
Great site..  I was in the class of 1979, but remember alot of the faces and times.  Keep up the good work!
Mary Jo Garcia - 05-22-2006
Hi, I am from the class of 75, Lawndale High.  i am looking for my friend Bobby Hernandez, he has a sister named Jeannet or they called her netty.  They lived in Hawthorne on 132nd street, I have tried for years to find bobby to no avail, someone, anyone who might know him.  Joe Villa was also a good friend of Bobby's, if anyone can help, please do.  Thanks!  
diane betts - 05-14-2006
this is great ...keep all those memories alive
Victoria Locke - 05-12-2006
It will be good to see some familiar faces at our 25th reunion. Where has the time gone?
Luis Cardona - 04-10-2006
I am from The Class of 1979,  but my sister was from The Class of '81.  I am trying to get a hold of Cindy Campos. She was friends with her.

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