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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Guestbook

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Janelle Marshall - 05-30-2007
Hello everyone, I googled up my name and it got me to this web page. Sorry I couldn't make it to the reunions. Hope everyone is fine. I had a great time looking at the yearbook and thinking of you all fondly. We should all get together someday. I am sorry we lost a few friends. I wanted you all to know that yes, I dropped out of high school, but I did finally get my G.E.D. and even managed to get two years of college in (Liberal Arts) I still see Angel once in a while, actually, one of her sons lives with me and my husband. I am still very good friends with Pattie Oles. I miss you all. Peace and Love, Janelle
Tammy Lynn Gilmore (Kitchens) - 05-04-2007
Hi, my name is Tammy Kitchens, I didnt go to Leuzinger High, but I went to Roosevelt elementary, and Kit Carson. Ive been wondering what happened to my friend Lani Mahikoa. It was so nice to see all those pictures, I recognised alot of faces.It would be so nice to hear from you Lani, and anyone else who knows me. I live in GrantsPass, Oregon now, and I have 3 beautiful children. Hope to hear from you soon.
                                                   Tammy Kitchens
Daniel Arturo Felix Fiool - 05-03-2007
Rose M Bridgeford '48 suffered a stroke, and passed away on Dec 10, 2005.  She is survived by her husband Robert Sides.
Patty Czechowski (Jameson) - 04-24-2007
I lived in Hawthorne till I was 12. I remember brenda maloney, I went to school with her. Does anyone know a maria griego? im not sure if thats the correct spelling. just an old friend I was wondering about.we moved to moreno valley when i was 12.I was a shy kid, not many friends. oh does anyone know what ever happend to mr bounds? i think he was my 3rd grade teacher.
Marcia Murphey (Maynard) - 03-25-2007
I was on our 20th reunion committee and still have some records.  I''ll check and see if I can find Wayne''s info.  I live in the high desert and ran into him several years back when he was up here visiting his wife''s family.  You can email me if you want.  Btw, I really like this site, and like Teri, I wish our class had one.

Teri (Fastow) Noonan - 02-17-2007
Great site - I'm looking for Wayne Smith, fellow classmate of 78, anyone know where I can find him? Please let me know if you can. I wish we had a site like this for our LHS Class of 78! Reach me at tesanoonan@hotmail.com - Thank you!
Jenny Anstey - 01-29-2007
I'm still trying to get in touch with Edely Garcia Herrador but my e mail address has changed . Please does anyone know where she is now?
Jenny Anstey - 12-21-2006
I'm trying to get in touch with Edely Garcia Herrador who I used to study with in Madrid about 20 years ago. Can anyone help?
Harry Nieves LHS 1963 - 11-13-2006
I just watched a t.v. documentary on American Airlines. At their training headquarters there is a monument with the names of those employees who perished on 9-11. Listed was flight attendant  Barbara (Bobbie) Arestegui LHS class of 1981. She died on flight 11 which struck the World Trade Center's north tower. Also shown was a banner stating 'We shall never forget' with her name on it. Hopefully those reading the guestbook will be made aware of this LHS heroine.  
Benny Badalamente - 11-12-2006
Class of 1946. Let's see, that's 60 years ago. Wow,that's hard to believe
Ben Badalamente - 11-12-2006
Class of 1946. Let's see, that's 60 years ago.Oh how I would like to go back.
Rev. Bill L. Davis - 11-08-2006
Was a student at LHS 1974 Class of '76
CARLOS ALONZO - 10-20-2006
HAPPY B-DAY BONEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joyce Blakemore '53 - 10-18-2006
This is in regards to 'BILL DULIN...1956 ALUMNI' who very recently passed away.  I received from an alumni friend, who received the original email from J.D. Hass:

It is the hardest thing in the world to write this message of bad news letter to Bill's friends.

It pains me to tell you 'Bill Dulin' suffered a massive Brain hemmorage this morning and passed away at 2:25 this afternoon.  God how I will miss him, we had been together for over 2 yrs and no greater man had I ever known.  I am sure you will miss him too.  Lois.
Pam Hanig - 10-15-2006
This is a great site that I came upon acidentally.  I taught science at Leuzinger from '73-'79 and was amused to find my picture and those of old friends that taught with me.  I enjoyed teaching there before I moved to San Diego,  where I still reside.  My best wishes to all my former students.

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