Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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SooNyung Kwak - 12-29-2007
I am class of 1980
What a great site.  Really enjoyed seeing old pictures and brought back many good memories.  Thanks, Terry.
Lorraine Wai - 12-01-2007
GREAT Job on this website!   Really enjoyed seeing the Reunion Pictures!!!  Thank you!
Old Artisan - 11-13-2007
To whom it may concern,

Your picture of Artisan Way is actually a picture of the entrance to an area that was called 'Backstreeet'.
Dinna Rivera-Pitt - 11-05-2007
Terry, I can't thank you enough!  George and I have already e-mailed each other.  I know we didn't really know each other in junior high but you are apparently the glue that holds all the alums/friends together.  There isn't a graduating class from Leuzinger that has a website even remotely as wonderful as yours.  I wish you continued success in everything.
Dinna Pauline Rivera-Pitt - 11-04-2007
It was amazing seeing so many people from my childhood on one website. All these years I've been thinking about one of the most influential people in my life, George Becker. The other day, I went on line and typed in 'George Becker, Will Rogers' and found your totally amazing Leuzinger '81 website. I saw the party you guys through for Mr. Becker and was thrilled to know that he's still around but saddened to have missed the gathering. Anyway, is there any way to get in touch with him?

Randy Holloway - 10-22-2007
I'm still alive just a little farther north.  Class of 1980
Ron Burgess - 10-22-2007
Hey, This is Ron Burgess (Class of 82'). It is great to see all of the names from years past. Great memories from the Leuzinger days. I would love to hear from all of you.
BOBBI MARSH - 10-20-2007
Debbie (Stewart) Mardesich - 09-27-2007
Wow, how did I get here????  Very cool to see 'everyone'.  I was in the Class of 1980, however moved to Oregon in July 1979.  I was just in LA for my uncle's funeral and drove by Leuzinger.  Great memories from kindergarten at Anderson to jr. high at Will Rodgers to high school years at Leuzinger.  Living in the Bay Area.  This is a great site.  Please keep it up.
Debbie (Osborne) Melendez - 09-13-2007
Class of 1980
I have really enjoyed viewing this website! It has triggered many memories. I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me :o)
Karen King - 09-06-2007
Hi everyone!
Mark Sawyer - 08-30-2007
Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone remembers a girl that was in Mr. Drakes class in 1979-1980 first name margeret { Margie } she had a nick name it was ' MUNCHKIN' i dont remember her last name if you know her and how she is please drop me an E-Mail. Hey Terry.
Brian Grochowski - 08-25-2007
Hi, My name is Brian Grochowski, and although I didn't attend Leuzinger High, I attended Will Rogers Junior High (Class of '77). Many old friends went on to attend Leuzinger, While I attented Lawndale High, Graduating in 1981. I would like to hear from some old friends. Thank You.
Melody Bilbrey Vanpelt - 08-21-2007
Hi, I was reading where you had lunch with Mr. Becker in May. How is he? What is he doing? He was a wonderful Drama teacher and have thought of him often. Would like to drop him a line, if possible. Thanks for any info.
Johnny Santiago - 08-04-2007
Hello all. I'm actually Class of 1982/83 but I know alot of people from different classes.

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