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BRYAN RINTOUL - 02-03-2009
Class of 1965, a lot of water under that bridge  now living in Ft Lauderdale Florida.  Looking for any class mates from that graduating class, unfortunatly all the friends tend to move on and move away so all contact with anyone has been lost.  
Luis F. Jimenez - 01-30-2009
I was very happy to see  friends from Leuzinger High, I was a freshman in 79-80, does anyone remembers Freddy Caycedo's cousin. Luis F. Jimenez (that's me). I guess my picture was never placed. I attended Will Rogers and of course my best English teacher was and still is Mr. George Becker.
Gary Hatcher - 01-20-2009
Truly enjoyed visiting this site and the reunion photos.
albert garibaldi - 11-30-2008
I am from the class of 1982.Whats up people, hows everyone doing?
Janet Bettencourt-McIntire - 11-24-2008
Hello to everyone in class of '81.  My twin sister and I were class of '82.
Janette Weststrate Green - 11-23-2008
Hi to the classes from 1980-1986.
James Carson - 10-08-2008
In brief, I am married. I have 3 sons, 2 daughters,1 grandson. I am a high school football coach, and a team player consultant for several programs nationwide high school to college and some NFL players. Served in Desert Storm. I currently am still coaching but I am permanently disabled from years of construction work. I am an active Christian and love serving my community.
Cindy Mattox (Cotton) - 09-29-2008
I would have graduated with the class of 75 my family moved to Indiana.  Would love to hear from old friends. Valerie Kukovich, Lori Ebers, Barbara Colmenares, Joe Mesa, Robert Esterline etc etc etc. If you remember me contact me... Cindy
Tom Kleebauer - 09-20-2008
Coming from Germany in 81,  I was part of the class 81/82 in my senior year.

I still hold the program of the graduation where I was honored to open the evening as part of the Olympian Marching Band.

Now I am in Heidelberg, Germany since 25 years, but every so often I make it back to LA.

So if you spend some time in Europe, just drop by.

Regards, Tom.
frank isidro olivas - 09-09-2008
Anybody remember me?  It's me frank 'little olives, one black, one green' olivas!
Stephanie Brooks - 08-12-2008
Hi. I think your site is wonderful and lovely so friends can stay in touch.

I'm looking for my childhood friend Diane Marie Tofflemire. Our mothers were friends in the early to mid 70's. After Marge remarried, our families lost touch. Diane graduated from Leuzinger High in 1981 .

We lived on Cranbrook Avenue and at times referred to ourselves as the 'Cranbrook crowd'. Yes, I know - it's a silly name but it was the 70's (12717).

If you remember me, please contact me at my email address.
Mary Ann Obbards - 06-14-2008
I graduated from LHS in 1947 as Mary Ann Collier. I am looking for 'George Roeberry' he graduated in 1946, he was Class President in the 1st or second semester.  He was also active in Football.

Joyce Blakemore - 06-14-2008
I am looking for 'Frank Wright'  if he had remained at Leuzinger he would have graduated in 1952, however the last account I had of him being at LHS was back in 50/51, he was a neighbor who lived on 161st Street in Lawndale directly behind where I lived on 162nd street.  I never knew exactly if and when he moved as our lives took different directions.
Benny Badalamente - 06-10-2008
My sister's name is Angie. I received my invite, and I am going to the picnic for the over 50 alumni's. I am looking for information regarding a friend that I would like to get in touch with. Her name is Carol Manheimer, graduate of 1948, lived in Hawthorne, Ca on Inglewood Ave. Any help is appreciated.

Christina Kay Ballew (Siddiqui) - 06-10-2008
Looking for classmates of the Class of 1982.

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