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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Guestbook

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Joan/Skeeter Chouinard - 09-23-2004
This site is great!!!!! Love the slide shows. I graduated from Leuzinger in 1970 I sure wish there was somewhere I could view a 1970 yearbook. Anyway I'm looking for Sheri,Sue or Debbie Wood. If anyone remembers or knows there whereabouts please email me at skeeter52@pacbell.net Thanks and again awesome site
Trelawne Gay Beals - 08-18-2004
I am looking for my cousins.  I've lost track of them through and I need help.  Does anyone remember,
1.  Charlynn Beals (miller)   LHS  class of 71                                                              
2    Bill Beals                                                                                                                
3.  lester Beals                                                                                                            
4.  Cindy Beals                                                                                                            
I don't remember their grad. yrs.  But hopefully someone out there will remember.  I graduated from H.H.S. in 71 .  Thank you.  my e-mail treangel3@msn.com
Pat Bush - 08-07-2004
Even though I went to Hawthorne High I spent alot of time at your school with Anthony Amato from 77-80.The good old days...Take care Pat
George Curry - 07-29-2004
Just letting you all know we are still going strong and would like to hear from all of the class of 55.  Looking forward to the next re-union
Frank Desplancke - 07-26-2004
Hello from Grass Valley Calif.  
George Saunders - Retired Leuzinger Teacher - 07-24-2004

In a couple of days I will send info about me since 1981.
A copy will also be sent to Ken Miller '73.  

Do with this info as you see fit.

The Leuzinger web site looks great.
Brett Loranger - 07-22-2004
Being a Cougar, I'd just like to say Hello to all the 81 Alums...look up some names at cougartown.com to see if you've got a memory from jr. high...peace, love & happiness....
Pat Butterfield - 07-03-2004
Greetings fellow Olympians!!  What a great site to behold...thanks class of '81, fantastic job!
I'm working on the 35th Reunion committee for the class of '69.  Looking for good information for this years Memory Book.  You've been a great inspiration, keep up the great work!!  We will be donating the memory book from this reunion to your collections of LHS alumni for future Memorabilia Day's.
Haitham Habash - 05-20-2004
I just found out about the website and I am empressed. you have done a wonderful job and I hope to see my old old old friends at the next reunion.

best regards
Haitham Habash
CYNTHIA CAMPOS - 05-20-2004
Danny Yee - 05-20-2004
Great job to all who contributed. The touching value of the pictures and memories from the class of 1981 is something very special. Great memories of what we use to look like 25 (sans a few.... no, many pounds) ago.
Terry Gonzales - 05-12-2004
Nice job!   Amazing walk down memory lane.

Class of 74  
Dean Hale - 05-11-2004
Thanks for this terrific website.  I really enjoyed looking back at the yearbooks and the great pictures from our last reunion.

Thanks again,
Lani (Mahikoa) Emmich - 03-17-2004
Thanks for everything.  It is wonderful to see such a fantastic website.  I think maybe you may have missed your calling?  At any rate, I am glad that you are keeping us connected.  To those of you who are visiting for the first time, welcome and to those of you who have already been, keep coming back.  There are always updates and renewed friendships!  Class of '81 ROCKS!!  Oh, sorry, I forgot I was a mom for a minute!
Patrick William Underwood - 03-16-2004
Got your address from cougartown's site. your site has my OK fer sure. I know it takes time but you seem to have things in order. Hope you don't mind if I check in from time to time.

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