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shadman afzal - 08-03-2005
Wow, This is wonderful.  I ran into it by accident.  This is amazing.  Wonderful memories.  I live in Portland, Oregon now.  It was great seeing some pictures.  I will keep checking.  Take care.
Colleen Adams (Martin) - 06-16-2005
Came to this website through cougartown, the site for Hawthorne High.  Very nice site!  I went to Hawthorne, but still had friends at Leuzinger - among them was CR Dinneny, the best 'Renfield' any high school has ever seen.    
pamela s tate - 03-17-2005
i like your website.it's nice to get in touch with old freinds i am looking for the email address of Haitham Habash long time friend.
Richard Fulton - 03-12-2005
Anyone from the class of 1957 still out there  

Rich Fulton
Donald McAllister - 03-11-2005
From the class of 1955.   Got a lead on your web site from an old friend who graduated the same year.   Just dropped in to say 'Hi'.

John Charpentier - 03-08-2005
I love this site!
Emily Torres (Castro) - 02-02-2005
I was a student at Leuzinger High School. where I had two really good friends that I lost touch with. Tina and Dawn Solano.  I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Lynn Villa  (aka Mary Villa) - 02-01-2005
Hi All

I have to say this is a great website great Job! I graduated from the great Class of 1980. I recognize a few names and it is real touching to read all the great news. I went by my nick name in High School so some of you probably remember me as Lynn Villa. My real name is Mary (a bit of trivia there!). I hope everyone is doing well. It would be great to hear from the class of 1980.

Much Love and God Bless,
Lynn Villa
Alma E Garcia - 01-14-2005
I was looking at your website.  It's great, it brought back so many memories. I was class of '81. I am married with two children, and work for a software company in Irvine.  Nice to hear from all of you.

Sandra A. Perez, HHS c/o 88 - 01-06-2005
Hello Olympians, I am looking for a good friend of mine by the name of Hector Martinez c/o 88.  If you can give me any information regarding his whereabouts, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Doug Reynolds - 01-06-2005
My name is Doug Reynolds and I live in Australia. I was friends with Dayle Hills when she was here as an exchange student in 1982. I kept in contact with her for many years but lost contact about 8 years ago. I think she was in your class of 1981, but can't be sure. I came across your site after doing a google search for her name and it listed your site as containing her name. Can you help me get in contact with her?

Doug Reynolds
Joyce Boehme - 12-21-2004
I attended Leuzinger for only one year; my freshman year.  I then relocated but remember a lot of you from Yukon.  I saw a pic of Belinda and others.... how cool is this website.
Katheryne Koelker - 11-24-2004
Hi, everyone!  Hope you're all doing well!

I still live and work in the area (my mom owns a pest control business now).  Hope to hear from you soon.
George Saunders - 10-26-2004
Taught Physics & Mathematics a Leuzinger from 1954 to 1980. I graduated from Leuzinger in 1940. I enjoy heearing from students.
Kris Hayhurst Ripley - 09-28-2004
I'm looking for my friends from the class of 1981...
Katheryne Koelker and David Carver...I was hoping to post on your site as opposed to classmates.com, which is much less personable and entertaining.

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