Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Deborah Larie Woelke Rodgers - Class of 1978
April 12, 1959 – December 28, 2019

'I want to pass along to those who may remember my wife and knew her that she passed away. Larie and I were married 42 yrs. 10 months, 23 days at the time of her passing. She was a devoted wife, and Grammy. She is greatly missed by all,' Chuck Rodgers '77.

'There aren't many mom's like my mom. My mom always worked full time but she also always had dinner on the table by 4pm each day. I had friends that loved eating at our house to get a home cooked meal while. She got along with everyone and liked just about everyone. She made sure that we had the best childhood. She always let our friends stay the night and would always let them come camping with us to make sure we had a good time. She was the kind of mom that would 100% go without so we didn't have too. I remember thinking a few years back about all the times she would give us each 5$ to spend at Knott's or at the mall for the day and wondered how on earth she did it. 5$ doesn't seem like much these days but it was a lot back then and usually if we asked she'd make sure we had it. She gave us good advice about boys although we rarely took it because we were stubborn. She NEVER judged us. We could and did tell our mom pretty much everything especially as adults. She never judged anyone really. She was friends with all of our friends growing up and still talked to them on Facebook. My mom would help ANYONE. It didn't matter who it was. If friends or family needed a place to stay or a place to live, she moved them in. She would cook them breakfast and dinner every single day. If you needed a babysitter, she was there. If the kids needed a ride, she was there. You could count on her for everything. I will miss her phone calls and talking to her forehead on video chat since for some reason she never learned to hold her phone right. I will miss going to her house and her offering to cook me a pork chop out of the blue at 1 in the afternoon or a steak, which always cracked me up because I don't eat either but she'd still offer. I will miss her calling me 10 different names (including all of her dogs names) before getting it right. I will miss her calling me to play the guessing game about how cheap she got something for today from Target. I will miss everything about her,' Christina Brown.

Larie and her husband Charles Rodgers '77 resided in Victorville, CA.

Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81 - 05-14-2020
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