Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Michael Maazyar Matini - Class of 1987
February 02, 1969 - September 14, 2016

Born in San Gabriel; passed after decades-long battle with heart problems.  Lover/Pursuer/Master of History. H was a huge fan of Mr. Mores. Michael is survived by his loving wife Rhonda and aunt Marge. A smart, spirited, principled, funny, and loving gentleman.

Michael's Education and Career Biography

After eighteen years of continuous and dedicated work at my first employer, I redirected my focus to earning a college degree and changing careers. As a history major, I have a passion for studying our nation's rich past i.e., the good and the bad. The stories of America's leaders and ordinary citizens who built this nation and advocated justice for victims of oppression and mistreatment inspires me.These narratives motivated me to overcome personal uncertainty about transitioning into formal education and inspired me to earn an undergraduate and Master's degree at California State University, Fullerton. Here I cultivated skills in critical thinking & analysis, writing, editing, and research. I also published four articles for student produced Welebaethan Journal of History and served as the Journal's Co-Editor-In-Chief in 2012.

Upon the completion of my education at CSUF, I decided to pursue a career as a paralegal and attended the ABA-approved University of San Diego paralegal program. During my brief stint in this position, I found the work uninspiring, and the prospects for employment dismal at best. Therefore, after soul searching and rediscovering my passion for history, I enrolled in the California State University Long Beach single subject teaching credential program. My calling centers on becoming a high school history teacher with a focus on teaching critical thinking to students and integrating this important skill with a strong focus on building good writing and research skills to prepare for college. My philosophy on teaching rests on introducing student collaboration to solve problems in history and use critical and historical thinking to eliminate cognitive dissonance. History is not about committing facts,dates, and events to memory,but the process of using the past to understand the human condition and current affairs. History sharpens our writing and research skills, and helps us question events that lack examination.

Posted By: Roxanne Benecke '87 - 05-03-2017
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