Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Roosevelt Elementary 6th Grade donated by Terry Poublon

Jennifer Despain Klumker recently helped me with a few of the names in this Roosevelt Elementary 6th Grade class picture.  Our teacher Mrs Roma Edge did not appear in the above photo.  I heard she passed away around 1995 after a long battle with lung cancer.

Thank You Cathy Demshki Clarke and Susan Rush Michal for your help in filling in some of the missing names.  
1st Row...... Steve Valenzuela, Karen Brooks, Principal Mr Ross, Alex Freitas, and Kevin Gauze
2nd Row..... Suzy Gonzales, Luis Marin, Dante Cudini, Christine Jenkins
3rd Row...... Klaus Farmer, Anna Toy, Terrence Frazier, Araceli Checa, Dwight Selma, Tammy Redlin, Antonio Lopez
4th Row....... Tracy Thompson, Charlie Sheehan, Beth Dickey, Matt Heck,  Chantal Nosaka, Dean Bauer, Sandra Lopez
5th Row....... Terry Poublon, Tani Hill, Troy Christensen, Lisa Lacy, Mike Coffman, Susan Rush, Eddie Castillo
Missing........ Cathy Demshki, Mrs Roma Edge

Posted By: Administrator - 10-01-2003
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