Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Conrad Tribble '80

Conrad has a variety of duties in the three districts in the southeastern section of Baghdad that he serves - participating in a local business conference, visiting local schools, addressing water and energy shortages, constructing sewage systems, and training local government workers how to maximize a budget.

The most enjoyable meetings are those with local leaders and citizens, where they discuss their lives and the differences between Iraqis and Americans, he said.

Earlier this summer, he dined on grilled lamb with tribal sheiks - joined by members of the military brigade he is embedded in. They ate with their hands from large plates of rice, meat and vegetables.

'It's efficient, if a little messy, but I found the hands-on aspect of the process added to the taste,' Tribble said. 'What's important is that these are tribal leaders with differing agendas - Sunni and Shia - and they come together to welcome us. A lot of them are really interested in what America is like. I find some of my most interesting conversations are about how religious Americans are. Some of them are surprised by that.'

Posted By: Terrence Poublon - 09-02-2008
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