Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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1981 Homecoming Day Parade
... and frenzied preparations.

1) Candidate Lorrie Morris.
2) Banner girls:  Bernie Patterson, Terri Morton, Lily Kong.
3) Guess who?  Theme:  The Bugs Bunny and Road-runner movie.
4) Candidate Esther Fernandez with escorts David Patterson and Rick Nierath.
5) Candidate Jennifer DeSpain with escorts Frank Harrington and David Balboa.
6) Olivia Newton-John (Terri Hinkle).  Theme:  Grease.
7) Crowd looks on as morning parade progresses.
8) Banner girl, Debbie Driggs.  Theme:  The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
9) Banner People Columbia (Araceli Checa), Brad (Robert Valle), Frankenfurter (Debbie Driggs).  Theme:  The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
10) Snoopy, Theme:  Snoopy Come Home.
11) Candidate Lisa Lesovsky.
12) Banner people, Lucy (Teresa Morin), Charlie Brown (Tracy Arnold), Snoopy (Debbie Koons)  await the announcing of the banner award winners.
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