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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - In Memory of
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We remember our friends and classmates who have reached the end of their journey. Their homecoming is bittersweet. It is here that we lay them to rest, returning home for the last time  ---

The Dash of Our Life: Life, Death and Everything In Between

Our deceased loved ones once walked, talked, laughed, cried, worked and loved just like everyone of us. While we were young children, days lasted f.o.r.e.v.e.r. When we were in our twenties, “old” was fifty and nothing seemed impossible. Now that we are in our fifties, time is speeding rapidly. We often find ourselves trying to hold onto a 'moment' for just a little longer.

We cherish those moments and bank them into the dash of our life.

The moments in life that are most positively memorable and cause us to feel the most happy are those that are filled with an abundance of love and belonging. The secret of life is really no secret at all. Love is the most public secret known to man.

Who we spend our dash with determines a lot of how we live during our lives and our level of happiness. We are surrounded with people who love us and add value to our existence.

You only get one dash, so be selective with whom you spend it with and what you do with it. Seize every moment as if it were your last and drink in the sweetness of life. Make sure you live your dash so fully that it is still shouting love long after you’ve gone to rest.

It isn’t just a line. It's your life...

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Jim Regenfuss - Leuzinger Coach and Teacher May 11, 1918 - April 18, 2007 Jim grew up in Milwaukee.  On a scholarship, he attended the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union of Indiana...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81
Views: 6675

Walter H Kaplan - Leuzinger Teacher April 20, 1925 - July 24, 2003 Beloved husband of 47 years to Mariam and devoted father to Marcy and Abby.  Walt had wonderful friends, colleagues and stude...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81
Views: 6740

Lester M. Beals - Class of 1981 December 19, 1962 - July 29, 2007 'It is with great sadness to inform you of the unfortunate passing of my twin brother Lester Beals. He is survived by his wife...
Posted By: Cynthia Beals McInerny '81
Views: 7033

James Preston Osborne - Class of 1986 July 15, 1968 - June 8, 2007 Served in U.S. Navy... Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Buried with Military Honors at Arkansas Veterans Cemetery He i...
Posted By: Beth Grawoig Gibbs '82
Views: 7436

Brenda Jean Maloney - Class of 1983   Born: 02/16/1965 - Pennsylvania Died: 04/14/1980 - Los Angeles This beautiful 15 year old girl was brutally stabbed to death inside her own home. The...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81
Views: 7802

Donald K Cameron - Leuzinger Coach and Teacher June 06, 1935 - May 08, 2006 'Donald had been in a state of declining health. Leuzinger High school was the mainstay of his life. It was part of m...
Posted By: Cynthia Cameron '73
Views: 7521

Helen Dorothy Alexander Giardina - Class of 1972 November 10, 1954 - May 22, 1997 Helen was a sweet girl... quiet and kind. Moments after deputies arrived at the scene of a double homicide i...
Posted By: Gwen Poublon Jenkins '71
Views: 7764

Sonia Cardona - Class of 1981 Died: April 8th, 2004 She was recovering from heart surgery approximately one month previous to her passing. 'She really looked on the internet all time for old...
Posted By: Luis Cardona '79
Views: 7272

Brenda J Maloney - Class of 1983 (1965 - 1980) Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Friend She was laid to rest in Inglewood Park Cemetery.
Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81
Views: 7151

Sylvain Rocca - Class of 1980 June 15, 1962 - March 29, 2000 A good samaritan... Sylvain was killed when he came to the rescue of someone in distress. Sylvain will always be remembered for h...
Posted By: Danny Pearson '80
Views: 7540

Gustavo Buitrago - Class of 1980 May 02, 1962 - February 05, 2001 Gustavo died of heart failure.
Posted By: Danny Pearson '80
Views: 7388

Dayle L Hills - Class of 1983 January 27, 1965 - May 31, 2000 'I've attached a photo of her and our son taken a few months before she died when he was six. His name is Bryan (the reason for hi...
Posted By: Martin Oliver
Views: 8852

Etta J Good ~ Class of 1981 March 21, 1963 to June 28, 2002 Her last known location was Anaheim, CA.
Posted By: Lani Mahikoa Emmich '81
Views: 7218

Bill Casey - Class of 1983 June 29, 1965 -  May 08, 1991 Joe, Christina, and beloved Bill Casey at a Christmas Party. One of only a few photos where all three siblings were photographed toget...
Posted By: Christina Casey '81
Views: 7531

William (Bill) Casey - Class of 1983 June 29, 1965 -  May 08, 1991 Bill loved riding his motorcycle. A collision with an automobile ended his life at the young age of 26. He leaves behind hi...
Posted By: Christina Casey '81
Views: 7398

Shelley Marie Cueto - Class of 1982 January 06, 1964 - August 16, 1997 Shelly leaves behind a son, her brothers Mark '80 and Gary '73 , her sister Lisa '77, and many friends.
Posted By: Mark Cueto '80
Views: 7881

Dayle Hills - Class of 1983 In Memory of Dayle's AFS Journey to Australia...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81
Views: 8035

Dayle Hills Heald -  Class of 1983 January 27, 1965 -  May 31, 2000 Died a sudden cardiac death due to myocardial fibrosis. Dayle leaves behind a husband and a son. She is a dear and special...
Posted By: Tom Golden '80
Views: 7867

Brenda Maloney - Class of 1983 Died April 1980 Brenda was a quiet girl, but fun to hang out with. As a gymnast for our high school team, she showed a lot of potential and promise for the sport...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81
Views: 7633

Barbara (Bobbi) Jean Arestegui - Class of 1980 Flight Attendant - American Airlines Flight 11 9/11 World Trade Center Attack - North Tower Barbara 'Bobbi' Arestegui, 38, of Marstons Mills, M...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81
Views: 8327

Barbara (Bobbi) Jean Arestegui - Class of 1980 Flight Attendant - American Airlines Flight 11 9/11 World Trade Center Attack - North Tower Bobbi grew up as one of five sisters in Hawthorne, ...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon '81
Views: 8067

Kelly Ann Walkley Coveney - Class of 1981   One Year Anniversary Tribute She is survived by her husband Patrick, son Michael, daughters Liz and Sarah, sister Shelly, and her Mom Angie.
Posted By: Shelly Walkley Gallegos '72
Views: 8216

Steven M Witt - Class of 1981 March 01, 1963 - August 31, 2003 Died of heart failure. Resided in Loon Lake, WA for 1 1/2 yrs. Loved this town that he and his parents called home. Survived by hi...
Posted By: Jose Camacho '81
Views: 8723

Kelly Ann Walkley Coveney - Class of 1981   May 24, 1963 to August 17, 2002 Kelly suffered from a lifetime battle with asthma and succumbed to the disorder. Kelly is laid to rest next to her ...
Posted By: Tammy Redlin Costa
Views: 8610

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