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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - In Memory of
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We remember our friends and classmates who have reached the end of their journey. Their homecoming is bittersweet. It is here that we lay them to rest, returning home for the last time  ---

The Dash of Our Life: Life, Death and Everything In Between

Our deceased loved ones once walked, talked, laughed, cried, worked and loved just like everyone of us. While we were young children, days lasted f.o.r.e.v.e.r. When we were in our twenties, “old” was fifty and nothing seemed impossible. Now that we are in our fifties, time is speeding rapidly. We often find ourselves trying to hold onto a 'moment' for just a little longer.

We cherish those moments and bank them into the dash of our life.

The moments in life that are most positively memorable and cause us to feel the most happy are those that are filled with an abundance of love and belonging. The secret of life is really no secret at all. Love is the most public secret known to man.

Who we spend our dash with determines a lot of how we live during our lives and our level of happiness. We are surrounded with people who love us and add value to our existence.

You only get one dash, so be selective with whom you spend it with and what you do with it. Seize every moment as if it were your last and drink in the sweetness of life. Make sure you live your dash so fully that it is still shouting love long after you’ve gone to rest.

It isn’t just a line. It's your life...

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Walter D Dixon - Class of 1941 December 3, 1923 - March 20, 2010 After the war ended he returned to Hawthorne, where he taught flying. Dixon eventually opened a camera store in 1982. When he re...
Posted By: Sandra Suarez
Views: 5627

Walter Dean Dixon - Class of 1941 December 3, 1923 - March 20, 2010 U.S. Navy, Lieutenant Commander Flew B-24 Liberators during World War II Del Fox Mortuary Services 4473 West 138th Stree...
Posted By: Sandra Suarez
Views: 5745

Victoria C Marquez - Class of 1970 Nov. 7, 1952 - March 10, 2010 Victoria, beloved mother, grandmother and sister joined our Heavenly Father while at her sisters home in Hacienda Heights, Calif...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon
Views: 5930

Walt Dixon - Class of 1941 Died: March 20, 2010 Walt Dixon, whose lifelong love of Hawthorne led him to become the city's historian, died Saturday morning in his sleep. 'Walt lived with a roomm...
Posted By: Sandra Castillo Suarez '72
Views: 5817

Evelyn Gawthrop - Leuzinger Teacher June 28, 1907 — March 5, 2010 She began her teaching career during the Great Depression with a class of 55-second graders in the Hawthorne Elementary S...
Posted By: Sandra Castillo Suarez '72
Views: 5845

Evelyn Gawthrop - Leuzinger Teacher Died: March 5th, 2010 While at Leuzinger High School, she taught physics, math and science, in addition to music. Her final assignment at Leuzinger was as a ...
Posted By: Sandra Castillo Suarez '72
Views: 5668

John T Phillips - Class of 1949 August 28, 1931 - February 16, 2010 John was born in Minco, Oklahoma. Passed away at the age of 78 in Mission Viejo, CA. He is survived by his wife of 50 years,...
Posted By: Andrew Phillips '80
Views: 5696

Richard 'Dick' Hinzo - Class of 1952 Passed Away at the age of 75 on February 15, 2010 in Espanola, New Mexico Dick's profession involved many areas in the field of Art throughout his lifetime....
Posted By: Danny Hinzo '57
Views: 5946

Lynne Marie Erskine Monson - Class of 1980 September 11, 1962 -  December 9, 2009 Lynne was born in Hunstatanton, England on August 11, 1962 to John and Molly Erskine. She was a resident of Ha...
Posted By: Jim Osborne '77
Views: 5947

Sgt. Eduviges 'Duvi' Guadalupe Wolf Members of the South Dakota Honor Guard of Sioux Falls carry the casket of Sgt. Eduviges Wolf at St. Mary of Mercy Catholic Church, Alexandria, South Dakota...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon
Views: 5809

Duvi Preciado - Class of 2003 February 12, 1985 - October 25, 2009 Hawthorne police service officer Susie Martin said, 'America's finest is a term usually reserved for police officers, but in D...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon
Views: 5873

Duvi Preciado - Class of 2003 February 12, 1985 - October 25, 2009 Hawthorne police service officer Susie Martin knew 'Duvi' Preciado when she was a teen. Duvi served in the program while a st...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon
Views: 5845

Sgt. Eduviges 'Duvi Preciado' Wolf - Class of 2003 Born: February 12, 1985 in Cocula, Jalisco, Mexico Died: October 25, 2009 in Afghanistan Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sergeant Eduviges Wo...
Posted By: Terrence Poublon
Views: 5796

Felix A Silva - Class of 1983 June 07, 1965 - November 05, 1983 In Loving Memory
Posted By: Danielle Cookes Sevilla '86
Views: 5991

Ernie and Lydia Arzate Beloved Brother and Sister Ernesto C Arzate - Class of 1978 August 4, 1960 - April 19, 2007 Lydia Arzate Bostick - Class of 1981 September 27, 1963 - June 13, 2008 ...
Posted By: Larry Hammond '79
Views: 12471

Brenda J Maloney 1965 - 1980 'Today, I went to pay my respects and visit my friend Brenda Maloney's plot at Inglewood Park Cemetery. My visit was long overdue. With some direction from a ground...
Posted By: Dala Gorner HHS 1980
Views: 6545

Gregory P Maloney Loving Husband and Father 1926 - 2003 'I placed a single yellow rose on Brenda Maloney's father's plot and said a prayer for the family. There was a bit of over grown grass a...
Posted By: Dala Gorner HHS 1980
Views: 6409

David Edwin Neuschafer - Class of 1959 November 01, 1941 - September 14, 2009 David of Shell Knob Missouri passed away at his home. He was born in Highland Park, CA. He was the son of Joseph a...
Posted By: Fern Neuschafer Wettstein '57
Views: 6278

Felix Anthony Silva - Class of 1983 June 07, 1965 - November 05, 1983 Place of Service Whites Funeral Home Officiating Pastor Charles Hazen Rev Sheppard Internment Forest Lawn Memor...
Posted By: Elizabeth Silva Gibson '81
Views: 6211

Alverga Paulene Bowers - LHS Accompanist & Secretary (Vocal/Music Dept) Died: September 3, 2009 A 40-year resident of Torrance and later of Guadalajara and Calexico, passed away on Thursday. B...
Posted By: Phil Bowers
Views: 6043

Suzan Coe Metildi - Class of 1973 Died: July 25, 2009 'My mom has recently passed away. She died of liver failure caused by lupus and cancer... the latter of which she battled for the last 9 ...
Posted By: Nicole Metildi
Views: 6249

Shelley M Cueto '82 and her son Michael 'A picture of Shelley in happier times. It's my favorite picture of my sister.' - I Love You Sis, Mark 'Mother and son offer up smiles that are so soft...
Posted By: Mark Cueto '80
Views: 6341

Shelley M Cueto - Class of 1982 January 6, 1964 - August 16, 1997 Died of Cancer Laid to rest at Temecula Public Cemetery Temecula, Riverside County CA
Posted By: Terrence Poublon
Views: 6121

Sylvain Rocca '80 Killed by gun March 29, 2000 at age 37 My only son Sylvain was my life. I miss him more every day. We shared many things: love of cats, cooking, physical exercise, interestin...
Posted By: Marthe Rocca
Views: 6202

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