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Searching for Shawn Strickney '81
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Stephen Richardson
10-16-2005 06:03pm
I am helping my pastor Conrad Strickney find his son Shawn.  The last time he saw his son was when Shawn was about 2 years old. I did a lot of research and I found the Leuzinger Class of '1981 reunion website.

In The 1979 Pylon: Leuzinger High School Class Photos, we have confirmed that this is definitely his son. Conrad was very happy. Those were some of the first photos he has ever seen of Shawn. I am trying to get more current contact information. I was hoping maybe in the reunion work you were doing that you might be able to help us out. This reunion website was one of the best leads we have come across.

Please email us even if you don't have any info on Shawn Strickney. You might be a good contact to have if we have any other questions.

Thank you very much,
Stephen Richardson - Never Alone Computers

Attached File: ShawnStrickney17.jpg

Re: Searching for Shawn Strickney '81
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Terrence Poublon
10-16-2005 06:14pm
Dear Stephen...

I have contacted the alumni that are currently on my email list.  We will put the word out that Shawn's dad is looking for him.  We will do our best to find him, and will contact you when we do.  We are happy to be of any help to you.

*** Shawn... if you're out there and you are reading this, please contact me.  In the attachment below, you'll find a recent photo of your dad Conrad Strickney.

Attached File: ShawnsFatherConradStrickney.jpg

Re: Searching for Shawn Strickney '81
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Terrence Poublon
10-24-2005 12:42pm
Dear Stephen and Conrad...

Our search for Shawn Strickney is continuuing.  The address provided by our reunion service became a dead end.  However, I have been highlighting our search with our classmates... which resulted in two possible addresses for him.  Letters have gone out to those addresses.

I've spoken with his former football teammates & friends.  No one has current contact with Shawn, but everybody is hopeful that we will find him.

I'll keep you posted on any significant news.

Re: Searching for Shawn Strickney '81
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Stephen Richardson
10-24-2005 12:56pm
Excellent news, we found Shawn recently. He's doing great, living in Portland, Oregon. The way we got a hold of him is a great story!

I found an address for him but I didn't have a phone number. I called Domino's Pizza and ordered a pizza to his house. They tried to deliver the pizza. When Shawn answered the door he told the driver he didn't order a pizza. I talked to the driver over the phone and asked if the guy's name was Shawn. She said yeah. I knew I had found him and we were excited.

I called the Domino's Driver back and told her the story. We gave her a $20 tip and told her to tell Shawn what was going on and give him our phone number. She went back and it worked perfectly. It was a great reunion between Shawn and his Dad.

Shawn will be flying down next weekend for the first reunion in 40 years. I talked to Shawn a few times since then. He said he had received a Leuzinger reunion letter not too long ago so the USPS must have forwarded it to his new address. Thanks Terry for all the work and help.

Re: Searching for Shawn Strickney '81
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Terrence Poublon
10-24-2005 01:17pm
I am very happy to hear that Conrad and Shawn are going to reunite after all these years.  That was a clever idea to send a Domino's Pizza delivery guy to check things out.  Give father and son our best.  God Bless You for your patience and diligence.

P.S.  Tell Shawn 'His friends are thinking of him.'

Where is Shawn today?
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Terrence Poublon
04-30-2019 01:19am
I never heard from Shawn Strickney, his dad Conrad Strickney or Stephen Richardson since that last correspondence. Where is Shawn today? He still resides in Portland Oregon with his wife whom he married April 13, 2006. His dad Pastor Conrad Strickney lives in New Iberia, LA and is retired from Christ Within Tabernacle (GUIDING LIGHT TABERNACLE, INC).

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